Counselling for Police Officers


The role of a Police Officer is very demanding, both physically and mentally. Many of the incidents that you will attend will be out of the ordinary for the average citizen. There is clear recognition now that over a period of time, having to attend and deal with this aspect of policing can and does have a detrimental effect on the mental well-being of officers.

Whilst North Yorkshire Police should ensure that all officers involved in a particular incident are given a welfare debrief, it may be that you yourself feel that you require some guidance and/ or counselling, even some considerable time after the event.


The North Yorkshire Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme offers its members access to REDARC PLUS. It is also available through the North Yorkshire Police Federation Medical Scheme

 REDARC give people the practical and emotional support that helps transform their whole experience of illness, disability, trauma or bereavement, and they do it because for them it’s instinctive. By listening, empathising and taking time to get to know people properly, they're able to offer a comprehensive and compassionate service with just one simple goal to make lives easier and better.

They know from experience that during times of debilitating illness or stress, practical advice and emotional support is every bit as important as financial assistance. Not just that, the benefits of genuine and timely support, can stay with the people we help and their families for the rest of their lives.

People value the REDARC service because they can tell that they genuinely care, and this gives them back precious confidence that’s been compromised by their circumstances.

You can access REDARC by telephoning them in normal business hours on: 01244 624 180

Access the REDARC website by clicking here

 Your colleagues and federation are always here to support you during any period where you feel that you need assistance. You never have to suffer in silence or alone.

If you feel that you do need to talk to somebody other than your line manager, the force welfare department can offer assistance with counselling to; alternatively, please feel able to contact a local federation representative, or contact the office here at Knaresborough.

The national federation have also produced a guide regarding Trauma Risk Management and Stress. How can access this by clicking here


Health Scheme Offers

Health Scheme

The Federation Medical Scheme is not an ‘insured scheme’. The scheme is open to serving officers of all ranks, members of support staff and their husband / wife and children under 21..

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The latest utilities offers.

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Financial Advice Offers

Financial Advice

The Police Federation mortgage team has been provided with a fund of up to £10 million by one of the top UK building Societies.

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Group Insurance Scheme

The Federation runs a Group Insurance Scheme in conjunction with Philip Williams & Co. + details