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Police Pensions is a very complex area. The regulations governing there are reproduced on these pages for your information. For discussion and advice about how they relate to your particular set of circumstances, please contact the Federation office


Police Pension changes and options for Police officers - An overview

You will have seen a campaign at the moment on a challenge to pension changes.

In January this year as a Joint Branch Board and as a region (Region 2, North East - ourselves, Northumbria, Durham, Cleveland, Humberside, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire) we took it upon ourselves to look into the pensions issue once more. This would look at the changes brought in, the 1987 scheme, the 2006 scheme and once in was in place, the 2015 scheme.

This was done despite the fact we were aware of consistent legal advice that there is no likelihood of a successful challenge to the pension changes imposed by the Government on the police and other public sector pension schemes.

However, we recognised the importance of this issue to many of our members. This advice, commissioned by Region 2, was independent of that sought nationally by PFEW. We knew this piece of work would be very detailed and in depth. It could only be commenced once the Government published the full details of the 2015 scheme. We also asked that the challenges made by judges and the fire service be considered as part of our advice.

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We have obtained a report on pensions advice, we have also instructed a barrister from employment law to look at the issues of gender, race and age.

Please click here for our position prior to the report. Included in this are some facts on CFA’s, We wanted to highlight this to those of you who may be looking to sign up to one.

We circulated the advice received to members in September 2015, North Yorkshire officers can request a further copy from our office.

Mike Stubbs
JBB Chairman

 Kier are the people who administer North Yorkshire Police Pensions. To access their website for useful advice and information, click the button below...

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