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Review of Pay and Conditions

10 Dec 2010

Revised on the 10th December 2010 Dear Colleagues The submissions currently received in response to the Review of Police Remuneration and Conditions, of which there are 28, have now been made available on...

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Tax Relief on Subscriptions

02 Dec 2010

A new document has been released regarding Tax Relief on Subscriptions Click here to download the latest document[assets/uploads/PDFs/taxrelief.pdf]

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Police And Crime Commissioners

01 Dec 2010

On Wednesday 1st December 2010 details were published for the abolition of the current Police Authorities in 2012 and their replacement by PCCs. North Yorkshire Police Federation has always enjoyed a good working relationship...

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A19 in North Yorkshire

30 Nov 2010

The 'In the Loop Extra' which was sent out during week commencing 22nd November 2010 has caused serious concern amongst our members as it stated: "You may have heard in the media that...

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UK Police Federation Joint Statement on Mutual Aid to Northern Ireland

17 Nov 2010

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), Scottish Police Federation (SPF) and Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) are the representative bodies for officers of federated ranks from Constable to Chief Inspector...

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Home Office business plan for 2011 - 2015

09 Nov 2010

The Home Office business plan for 2011 -2015 has been published today please visit; http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/about-us/corporate-publications/business-plan-2011-15/business-plan?view=Binary The key points are below. The report outlines how and when their ‘Actions’ and ‘Milestones’ will be published and or...

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Fatigue Study

North Yorkshire Police Federation acknowledges that working shifts is a necessary part of being a police officer. We are aware that working shifts has a number of consequences in terms of health, performance...

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Health Scheme Offers

Health Scheme

The Federation Medical Scheme is not an ‘insured scheme’. The scheme is open to serving officers of all ranks, members of support staff and their husband / wife and children under 21..

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Utilities Offers


The latest utilities offers.

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Financial Advice Offers

Financial Advice

The Police Federation mortgage team has been provided with a fund of up to £10 million by one of the top UK building Societies.

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Group Insurance Scheme

The Federation runs a Group Insurance Scheme in conjunction with Philip Williams & Co. + details