Police Pension changes and options for Police officers - An overview


You will have seen a campaign at the moment on a challenge to pension changes.

In January this year as a Joint Branch Board and as a region (Region 2, North East - ourselves, Northumbria, Durham, Cleveland, Humberside, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire) we took it upon ourselves to look into the pensions issue once more. This would look at the changes brought in, the 1987 scheme, the 2006 scheme and once in was in place, the 2015 scheme.

This was done despite the fact we were aware of consistent legal advice that there is no likelihood of a successful challenge to the pension changes imposed by the Government on the police and other public sector pension schemes.

However, we recognised the importance of this issue to many of our members. This advice, commissioned by Region 2, was independent of that sought nationally by PFEW. We knew this piece of work would be very detailed and in depth. It could only be commenced once the Government published the full details of the 2015 scheme. We also asked that the challenges made by judges and the fire service be considered as part of our advice.

We await the report on the pensions advice, we have also instructed a barrister from employment law to look at the issues of gender, race and age.

Please click here for our position so far. Included in this are some facts on CFA’s, We wanted to highlight this to those of you who may be looking to sign up to one.

We will update you all when the advice is received

Mike Stubbs
JBB Chairman

Police Pensions Scheme 2015

Please click the links below for further details

JBB circular 035/2015 - Single Tier Station Pension – Impact on Contracting Out

Pensions Ombudsman Determination On Commutation

Police Pensions Scheme V2 FINAL

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Police Pensions Scheme 2015 Members Guide

Police Pensions Scheme 2015 FAQ's

Increased police officer pension contributions

We appreciate that coupled with Winsor changes to pay and the public sector pay freeze a number of our members may feel thy cant bear this extra cost.

We would urge anyone thinking of doing so obtains professional advice before pulling out.

Mark Botham
JBB Chairman

As you will be aware Lord Hutton is currently conducting a review of public sector pensions. A review of police pensions is also due in 2011 but at this current time there are no proposals on the table.

The staff side to the Police Negotiating Board have submitted a joint response on behalf of the officers they represent from the following:

  • Chief Police Officers' Staff Association
  • Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales
  • Police Federation of England and Wales
  • Scottish Chief Police Officers' Staff Association
  • Association of Scottish Police Superintendents
  • Scottish Police Federation
  • Superintendents' Association of Northern Ireland
  • Police Federation for Northern Ireland

We hope Lord Hutton takes notice of an online survey in Police Review (13th August 2010) where 86% of police officers who responded stated they would consider leaving the police service if they had to work for longer before drawing a pension.

He also needs to have cognisance of the fact that member contribution rates in the police pension schemes are the highest in the public sector. Looking at the public service pension schemes within the remit of the Commission, members of the Police Pension Scheme (PPS) 1987 pay the greatest amount towards their benefits, namely 11 percent of pensionable pay. The next highest contribution rate is the 9.5 percent paid by members of the New Police Pension Scheme (NPPS) 2006 towards their pension.

The vast majority of public sector workers appear to pay in the region 6.5 percent in employee contributions. Moreover, in 2008 the average employee in private sector defined benefit occupational pension schemes contributed 4.9 percent of salary to their pension.

To read the staff side submission to the review of public sector pensions by Lord Hutton please click here.

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