Do It Right

Mission Statement

Many of you have been calling on the Federation for a robust response to the Government’s attack on your pay, pensions and conditions of service and seeking direction on what can be lawfully done to register your anger and frustration.

You’re right to fear the heart and soul being ripped out of policing. We face;

  • massive budget cuts which WILL affect frontline service
  • the growing threat to privatise parts of policing
  • a two-year pay freeze, followed by
  • a two-year pay cap of one per cent maximum per year
  • changes to the pension scheme (despite the fact that our contributions are already rising to a massive 14.2 per cent of salary, the highest of any workers in the land!)

On top of that policing has been singled out from other groups of public service workers for further punishment by way of the Winsor I and Winsor II recommendations.

2012 was one of our most challenging years ever with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games added to an already crowded schedule of high profile events.

Officers faced the prospect of cancellation of leave across this summer, depriving you of holidays and the chance to enjoy any quality family life for months.

Police officers, of course, cannot threaten industrial action, as a number of unions have done to win ever-increasing bonuses for working during the Olympics. So it seems that the group of workers who will have to give up the most for the Olympics will be treated the worst.

The great majority of officers are saying enough is enough.

In response, The Police Federation is launching the campaign “DO IT RIGHT!” Initially Introduced by the Metropolitan Police Federation.


All North Yorkshire federated ranks received a series of messages, each explaining a current working practice, and giving clarity and guidance in respect of regulations and policy.

It is, of course, the absolute right of officers to decide for themselves if they take any notice of these messages. But we hope that all officers will read them and decide for themselves. We believe these messages contain the best way to "DO IT RIGHT!".

In addition, the Police Federation of England & Wales (PFEW) has changed its position on industrial rights and we now await a ballot later this year, although we believe there is little doubt about the outcome.

The PFEW also arranged for a protest march to take place in central London on Thursday 10th May which many of you attended.

The fight against the ill-considered and poorly justified reforms to policing outlined above will be a long one. Our campaign will build over the coming weeks and we ask you to get behind it from the start.


Do It Right Factsheets

Report your experience

Each of the messages on this website have been carefully selected and checked by our lawyers prior to publication. They are legitimate reminders of our working practices.

However, we understand the demands and the pressures of the day-to-day life of our members. Where you are not able to, or allowed to, follow these practices we want to know about it.

This will help us respond to your queries as well as measure the impact of our campaign.

We'll also collate all these experiences and present these them back to the Chief Constable, and the Chair of the Police Authority / Police and Crime Commissioner, if appropriate.

If it is possible to identify you or we need to disclose you or your details we would seek consent before doing so.

Click here to report your experience.

Health Scheme Offers

Health Scheme

The Federation Medical Scheme is not an ‘insured scheme’. The scheme is open to serving officers of all ranks, members of support staff and their husband / wife and children under 21..

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Financial Advice Offers

Financial Advice

The Police Federation mortgage team has been provided with a fund of up to £10 million by one of the top UK building Societies.

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