HMIC Report - Adapting to Protest

Dear all,

Today the HMIC has published their report entitled 'Adapting to Protest'. The Police Federation has been consulted throughout the process and submitted evidence to the HMIC. The report is due to go online on the HMIC website soon, but I have attached the HMIC press release which gives a taste of the recommendations. We have issued the following statement.

Responding to the publication today of the HMIC Report 'Adapting to Protest' Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says:

"We welcome today's report which highlights the importance of maintaining operational policing independence, the strengths of the British policing model and the need for consistent and thorough public order training. It is for chief officers to ensure that the level of training required is appropriately delivered to sworn police officers and for government to ensure that sufficient funding is available to provide the highest quality training and public order equipment to ensure the safety of officers. The report also makes clear the need for improved communication between protestors and the police and from senior command to frontline officers during demonstrations. As advocates of democratic and peaceful protest the Police Federation of England and Wales supports this and looks forward to continuing to work closely with the HMIC, ACPO and Home Office to ensure it is delivered."

Forwarded for your information.


Metin Enver
Head of Communications
The Police Federation of England and Wales

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