Police chief seeks £50k deputy

Posted on 30 Aug 2016

Mike Stubbs, Chair of the county’s Police Federation said, ‘It was refreshing that, up until now, our PCC had chosen to operate without a deputy. It is not clear why that situation has changed. The appointments of Deputy PCCs in other parts the country have caused considerable controversy. To date, North Yorkshire has been spared the damaging perceptions of cronyism and ‘jobs for the boys’ that have arisen elsewhere.’

‘Events in the last few days, with four tragic fatalities in three days in road traffic collisions around the county, together with a number of incidents of violence in the last week, have shone a spotlight on the demands that our officers are facing.’

‘The uncertainty nationally over police funding last year resulted in very little recruiting taking place, and we remain well below the target of 1400 officers, which the PCC is aiming to achieve. Together with increasing demand in areas such as sexual offences and vulnerability, this is placing a very real strain on front line resources, and that strain is being felt right now. The timing of this announcement is therefore very unfortunate, and will undoubtedly strike the wrong note with police officers across the county.

Read more from the York Press here.

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