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The St George’s Police Children Trust is a registered charity which provides support of a financial nature to children and young people whose police officer parent has either lost their life or had an injury/illness, whilst on or off duty, preventing them from being able to work. 

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Supporting the children of police officer’s goes back many years, to when the Northern Police Orphanage first opened in 1898. Between 1898, when the orphanage opened, through to 1954 more than 600 children spent all or part of their childhood there. Running costs were funded by many hundreds of serving police officers who made a weekly donation from their pay. The orphanage closed in the mid-1950's due to falling demand, possibly because of changes to the welfare state and an increase in adoption and fostering. It was after the closure of the orphanage that the grant giving process commenced.

 Police officers are very often the first responders to serious accidents and dangerous incidents, which can sometimes result in the unthinkable happening. While no amount of money can replace a parent, support from the Charity can provide a degree of financial certainly in difficult times.

 Financial support is provided by the Trust throughout the child/young person’s school years and in many cases, into further education.  More than 300 children are supported every year and more than half a million pounds is distributed to these families.  The support provided may range from a weekly allowance for each child in the family, seasonal gifts, support through further and higher education, and ex-gratia grants for necessary activities or items. 

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The trust now also provides a one week’s respite stay at their holiday home in Harrogate on an annual basis to all its beneficiaries, and subsequent visits at a discounted rate. The holiday home aims to provide an opportunity for families to come together and escape the recent stresses they might be experiencing at home. 

 Officers from forces in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland who donate to the Trust are eligible to support and receive benefit for their children should the need arise, for as little as just 20p per week. By making this minimal donation, you will be supporting the families of your colleagues. 


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