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JUST SAY IT - Confidential

Posted on 02/08/2018

One of North Yorkshire Police Federations agreed priorities this year is officer welfare. Following our concerns with the drop in morale and the rise in cases of officers suffering from mental health issues we began to explore the possibility of providing some sort of wellbeing service/support to our members.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with how we can provide a confidential and beneficial service to those who are in need of some early intervention and assistance.

We will now be providing a monthly opportunity for our members to book a private session with a trained counsellor. This WILL NOT be a counselling session but will follow a similar format/contract where everything shared during the session will be in total confidence. The only time this confidence will be breached is if the professional feels the individual is in harm of injuring themselves or another. This will always be fully explained at the start of the session.

What we are offering is the chance for our members to come and talk to a trained professional who has no links to the organisation. It will be a chance to “get it off your chest” and say what/how you feel, hence the chosen title “Just Say It… In Confidence”. As we all know, it’s good to talk about things and for many this will be all they need to relieve their tension and stresses, others may require more.

We are NOT providing a replacement for the services NYP Occ Health can offer, their involvement with officers who find themselves struggling at times is invaluable. They do a very good job, what we do offer is an additional layer of support. Those who do not have confidence in NYP and will not ask to be referred to Occ Health could benefit from our new service.

At the conclusion of the session, if the counsellor feels the individual would benefit from a number of private counselling sessions it will be discussed there and then, again in confidence. Counselling would be available within days avoiding lengthy NHS waiting lists or other time consuming referral methods.

If you feel you would benefit from this service call the Federation office on 01423 866342 to make an appointment. If you have a colleague you feel would benefit from attending an appointment please encourage them to try it and book a session. The Federation WILL NOT divulge the details of any member who books an appointment.

I believe this is a huge step forward for the Federation to offer such a service to its members. Historically we have always shouted to the organisation about their duty of care to officers. In today’s climate of change and the shocking rise in mental health issues within the police it is time that we all do what we can to support our colleagues.

Together, let’s make sure that everyone gets to know about our new service and those who need it make use of it.

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